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"Passion alone doesn't do the job. One must also have technique." - Tammy Marquez


What is unique about KinetiX Body Science?

Kinetix Body Science is the missing "Science” in the current healthcare system. We make sure you do more than just recover from a current injury, but more importantly, sustain a regimen to ensure a healthy fitness level. Expect a comfortable setting in a pair of shorts and tank top. Just like an Athletic Trainer’s room.  


How is KinetiX Body Science soft-tissue therapy different from others?

First, let's establish some concerns of massage therapy today. With the industry being saturated with massage therapists, most individuals seeking massage therapy, end up choosing what is easy, quick & affordable. Many clients are only familiar with the common setting of massage with candles, aromatherapy, and sleepy music and overly familiar with general terminology like Swedish and Deep Tissue and embrace the “No Pain, No Gain” or “The deeper, the better” mentality. At Kinetix Body Science, your initial assessment will determine your specific needs at that time and your treatment plan may include a variety of modalities to obtain the desired results.


Who is KinetiX Body Science for?

This is not just for the competitive athlete. This unique style of therapy is designed for anyone in the active community. You might be struggling to get back to your previous fitness level but an injury may be keeping you from your goals. Some have a chronic condition but surgery is not an option. No matter what your challenges are, Kinetix Body Science can help you increase performance and recovery.


"Super Moms, competitive athletes, crossfit athletes, Olympic lifters, Powerlifters, fitness buffs, or industrial athletes, start implementing these ingredients to achieve the right muscular balance while increasing your performance and recovery.”

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