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We here at KBS take seriously the words by Bill Romanowski when he said "make love to the tissue."

Why is X-FRAME important?

In the bodybuilding industry we are judged according to muscularity, conditioning and symmetry. The ideal physique is your classic V Taper with wide quads and hamstrings, thus creating the X Frame. Achieving the goal of a symmetrical physique means focusing on developing evenly distributed muscle mass. This is the key to staying healthy and competitive in the sport.


Why is Symmetry and Muscular Balance important to Kinetix?

Muscle imbalance creates abnormal joint motion, alignment and degeneration, movement impairments and postural changes. Wear and tear is then placed on the muscles causing pain and sometimes injury. Muscle imbalances can be brought on by poor physical training, repetitive motion, occupational activities, and poor posture. 


The majority of the injuries that I have seen in my practice over the last 20 years have been a result from one or more of the causes mentioned above. They can be prevented or reduced with regular Recovery work or sports massage along with the proper training program to achieve balance. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to think in these terms.


"So as a competitive athlete, don't leave your body, your performance or recovery to chance. It's all a science, and here at Kinetix Body Science, we don't guess., we know.”  -Tammy Marquez



Chris Greene

This is Kinetix Science

The X Frame: A winning Formula
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